Vaccine Tracker


Welcome to the vaccine notifier by Please , get yourself registered and also following are the few things you'd want to keep in mind:
A) To make the most out of this situation, make sure you register multiple times using the same email id but different pin codes. This will ensure you get notified everytime when slots are available in any nearby or preferable location set by you.
B) The API provided by the government , let's our program call it only 100 times in every 5 minutes. That implies once we've run the script we can only notify on 100 different combination for the first five minute and wait out the next five minutes. That max a maximum of 100 notifications per 10 minutes, and it's the same for every notifier out there. This is why the systems are so clustered and less effective.
C) Due to the shortcomings owing to the government provided API , this might so happen, by the time you receive a notification and head towards booking a slot it's very likely all the slots will be booked by them we extend our empathy in such cases as we understand how disheartening this could be in such times.
D) This is the sole reason, why all the other vaccine notifiers are failing and disrupting.
E) To avoid this and maximise the efficiency we've created a model aiming towards decluttering, we urge you to please co-operate in this manner by following these steps:
i) After you've received your notification through the website and if you're able to successfully book your slot, please head back to our website and unsubscribe yourself from the program. This will ensure the people next in que recieve those notification faster and in turn will make the process more efficient and smoother.

PS: After you register yourself in the website please remember to check if you're receiving a success registration mail from our end. If not, do check your spam, so as to avoid such situation in future.

Thank you.